It’s been a long time coming, but Martin Garrix is finally dropping his first-ever club albumSentio’ today, completing the album tracklist with not one, but two new releases.

Martin Garrix:

‘’I was sitting on so much club music, and after the lockdowns, it felt like people wanted to party and get their spirits lifted again. The album features some radio-friendly songs, but it’s mostly the more aggressive Garrix club sound. I didn’t want people to have to wait for the high-quality versions after Ultra for too long, which is why we decided to drop them weekly after the set. I’m super excited all the tracks are finally out for everyone to listen to. My first album is a fact!’’

If We’ll Ever Be Remembered’, the second release on the album with Shaun Farrugia’s vocals, is the deserving capstone of ‘Sentio’. The radio-friendly track can surely be expected to blast everywhere throughout the summer of ’22.

The second release of today is ‘Oxygen’ with DubVision, who are also featured on ‘Starlight (Keep Me Afloat)’ on the album. Ever since playing the track in his ‘Live on Dutch Waters’ set back in 2020, fans have been clamoring for the release, which makes it a perfect addition to the album tracklist.

Sentio: to perceive, feel and experience. Something that has been lacking for a lot of people over the past two years during the pandemic. However, with the world opening up again, it is time to let these senses work overtime. And that is exactly what Garrix wants to do with this album and visual accompaniment: reach each and every sense in your body.

Starting with his shows in South America and eventually his Ultra Miami 2022 set, he brought people back to the humbler beginnings of 2016 by presenting an hour filled with brand new, exciting tracks on the main stage. Dropping his long-awaited collaboration with Zedd the day of the performance, the album was announced soon after, followed by an ongoing streak of tracks that saw him reunite with old collaborators and bring back the classic Garrix sound he is known for worldwide.

Sentio Tracklist:

  1. Martin Garrix & Zedd – Follow
  2. Martin Garrix & Mesto – Limitless
  3. Martin Garrix & Vluarr – Reboot
  4. Martin Garrix & Brooks – Quantum
  5. Martin Garrix & Matisse & Sadko – Good Morning
  6. Martin Garrix & DubVision feat. Shaun Farrugia – Starlight (Keep Me Afloat)
  7. Martin Garrix & Julian Jordan – Funk
  8. Martin Garrix & Justin Mylo feat. Dewain Whitmore – Find You
  9. Martin Garrix & Blinders – Aurora
  10. Martin Garrix & DubVision feat. Jordan Grace – Oxygen
  11. Martin Garrix feat. Shaun Farrugia – If We’ll Ever Be Remembered