After a scene-grabbing return to his legendary live form at Ultra Music Festival 2022, electronic music’s legendary Hardwell unleashed not only a new, darker direction in sound but announced a new album and world tour titled REBELS NEVER DIE. Following the release of the first singles, ‘BROKEN MIRROR’ and ‘INTO THE UNKNOWN’, Hardwell now unveils ‘F*CKING SOCIETY’ as the third official single in this new career chapter.

Glitching in with a depth-filled, centerpiece male vocal, ‘FCKING SOCIETY’ is a tech-trance stomper with an abrasive techno underbelly merging to create something industrial in texture. As synth lines pierce through reverberations of rhythmic layers, drum rolls hold the weight to pack a punch of darker house and progressive-style repetitions. Come to the breakdown, keynotes tinker to cast a contrast from the menacing vocal and the sinister tension grips the instrumental of ‘FCKING SOCIETY’.

Cinematic and orchestrated for dancefloor destruction, ‘FCKING SOCIETY’ is another hard-hitting release with thundering energy from Hardwell. Released via Revealed Recordings, ‘FCKING SOCIETY’ is available on all streaming platforms worldwide today.

Tickets for the REBELS NEVER DIE album world tour are available now via:

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