At a time when millions around the world have experienced separation from family and friends, the pull of ‘home’ is stronger than ever before, perhaps more appreciated than it ever has been. And for every culture, every country, there is a specific sound, a certain instrument or a melody from a traditional song that can instantly transport the listener back to where they belong.  

For Latin American producers MOSKA and Markem, and singer/songwriter La Gurú, it is this sentiment that forms the central message of their new single, the sizzling, sensual and sun-drenched Mi Tierra. Drawing inspiration from the rich folklores of Colombian and Venezuelan culture, the trio have crafted what is, at its essence, a love letter to their home countries. Marrying ancient compositions and ancestral instruments to our most modern form of music – electronica – they create a new anthem for the next generation.

At Mi Tierra’s heart is the traditional Colombian-Venezuelan llanera harp, a sound picked up by Markem specifically for the immediate connection with his heritage. “My idea was to merge these types of ancient sounds with the current sound to collaborate and create something that would unite many cultures,” he explained. 


Working with MOSKA, the pair weave together an undulating, grooving, percussive dance track that is a sensual invitation to the dance floor. On top is La Gurú’s haunting vocal, dipping and soaring in equal measure as her lyrics call out to the moon, the mountains, the freedom of her home country. “When I was writing, I only thought of my mother and the desire I had to return to Pereira to share with my family,” she commented. “We all have that same feeling when we move away from the place where we grew up, from home, from the earth.”

Accompanying the single is a visually stunning video that takes viewers across the mind-blowingly beautiful terrains of Colombia. Included in the shoot are the Guajira DesertPalomino Beach and most importantly, Mavecure, which until now has remained shrouded behind decades of guerrilla warfare, away from outside eyes, including almost all Colombians.