In a provoking Italian get-together, two of the country’s most renowned dance acts VINAI & HÄWK, have revived an all-time classic. ‘Abbronzatissima’ (which translates to ‘very tanned’) goes back to a Edoardo Vianello’s 1963 hit song, was followed by a frisky pop treatment in the zeroes, and is now emerging again on the wings of a rousing dance beat. As its airy vibes are effortlessly combined with sturdy dance grooves, the song is back again for a triumphant 2022 march – from festivals to beach houses, you’ll get your tan this season.

Call it an evergreen, this timeless Italian favorite ‘Abbronzatissima’ first emerged as a tasty, sugarcoated 60s hit by singer Edoardo Vianello. Since then, the song remained in the collective memory of Italy – many generations grew up with this classic vocal ballad. Especially when popular artist Brusco included the song in his 2003 hit ‘Sotto i Raggi Del Sole’, blending it with catchy pop rhythms and crazy additional vocal lines.

Now, the song is back once again, this time brought to life by Italian hitmakers VINAI and HÄWK. The past decade has seen VINAI break through the stratosphere, steadily climbing the stairs of success with tracks like ‘Rise Up’ and ‘Up All Night’, alongside the infamous Afrojack. In recent years, the duo has continued to evolve its sound, maintaining a bass heavy and melodic approach while also incorporating more vocals and pop styled arrangements.

Soaring like no other, HÄWK has found popularity among millions of fans, thanks to his cool-handed melodic, yet bass-savvy take on the modern club sound. His productions have gotten noticed more and more by some of the industries’ heavyweights, turning him into a specialist whether it’s for tasty covers, melodic sounds or straightforward, cool house music.

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‘Abbronzatissima’ brings it all together. Building on the original song’s airy vibes, the horns and vocal lines are backed by strong, punchy house beats. With percussion and sound effects providing extra energy, this tune is bound to create a spark of excitement and recognition with various Italians – whatever age they might be, they’ll be dancing to this one.

And you’ll probably do the same; cause this tune is not only transcending genres and time, it’s bound to cross borders as well. Expect it to raise smiles on every festival and beach party this summer, a feelgood record from Italy’s pop history that we’ll be singing all year long.