A track with a powerful bassline that is emotional and motivational at the same time. With Sarah de Warren‘s catchy topline and an uplifting melody, they want to take their listeners into a mystical parallel world where you can forget about everyday life and worries. Join them into paradise and welcome to „Wonderland“, where one exciting experience follows the next.


Alfons already celebrated great success with his hit „Ganjaman“ and reached more than 160 million streams across all streaming platforms. The cover of “Cool Kids” also received over 60 million streams. Paradigm is formed by the DJ duo Séb Mont and Patrick Gold, who are known for their tracks „Wake Me Up In Paris“(over 22 million streams) and „Bloodstream“ (over 15 million streams).


On the vocals sang Sarah de Warren, who has established herself as a popular topliner and songwriter in the dance scene, as can be seen from her 40 releases in 2020 only. She released with DJs such as Mike Perry, Gareth Emery, Harris & Ford and Jerome.

„Wonderland“ by Alfons, Paradigm & Sarah de Warren will be released February 11, 2022 on all common streaming platforms via Beat Dealer Records. The dance label was founded in 2018 and released tracks from artists such as Tungevaag, LUNAX, Jerome, Bougenvilla, King Topher, Sagan, Riggi & Piros, Dante Klein and many more.