COVID pandemic hitting again and again, this time the latest victim is TIME WARP 2022 festival ! Scheduled for Mannheim’s Maimarkthalle in early April this year, the event will now return in 2023. This is the third event in three years to be postponed !

Time Warp has released the following statement:

“Dear friends and fans. We are very sorry to announce that, given the current situation in Germany, we have no other choice other than to cancel Time Warp in Mannheim on April 2nd, 2022. Nothing hurts us more than not being able to meet our many friends and fans from around the world, not being able to present you with our new stage designs, not being able to spend the longest night of the year together.”

Time Warp added that this cancellation was due to Germany having “no reliable basis which we can use to plan or promote large-scale festivals” or to plan the “Time Warp experience you would all be expecting“.

So i guess, i will see you guys next year at TIME WARP !

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