Marko Drexler is an electronic music producer based in Southern Germany. His production work is defined by melodic and percussive elements, influenced by a variety of electronic genres such as house and minimal techno. Being self-taught and being able to show innovation in sound design he consistently showcases his ability to turn a mix of original and vintage sounds into his songs and production work.

His latest release sounds quite amazing, a beautiful EP with two tracks, “Sunrise” and “Shadows”, both showcasing Marko Drexler talent and unique sound signature.

“Sunrise” can be described as a perfectly judged, slow burning melodic house cut with the sort of spine-tingling harmonies up top that really send crowds wild, broad synths and luscious bass add color and warmth to ensure this one lingers long in the memory.

On the other hand, “Shadows” sounds a bit more dark and mysterious, with some pretty solid electro and melodic techno influences. The track has an excellent chilling vibe overall despite it’s dark sounds with all elements blending and working together to create a beautiful symphony of mysterious sounds.

Overall this sounds like a good EP that you are not allowed to miss if you are a melodic house fan. Listen it bellow and don’t forget to save it to your playlist.