German techno duo Add-us present the powerfully atmospheric and euphoric ‘Zone’ released on their new Solution Records label on 21 January. An exciting taster of what the duo has in store for the label across 2022 and beyond!

For their first release of 2022, ‘Zone’ showcases the direction ahead for Add-us and Solution Records. A mesmerising track full of melodic overtones and deep, driving basslines, Add-us describe the hypnotic ‘Zone’ as giving the listener “time to breathe deeply, which makes your pulse skyrocket.”

Each passing beat in ‘Zone’ represents a new goal and the often difficult journey to get there. The frantic, adrenalin-pumping arrangement describes the hard route to reach these goals, as we edge closer, step by step. With whipping snare rolls and soaring synths, the goal is finally realised. Once the drop arrives, there is time to take a breath. Add-us say that “’Zone’ should inspire to fight for all the things you want to achieve.”


Solution Records is, like everything Add-us touch, a matter of the heart. Emotionally deep and in a trance of forgetfulness, happiness succeeds. This is how the duo describes their music, which they also want to embody with Solution Records. 

Add-us was formed by two friends, Robert Prieß and Patrick Mugele. The duo has previously released on Renaissance, Parquet Records, 3000 Grad and are supported by Tale Of Us, Joris Voorn, Oostil, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Soul Button, BLANCAh, Paco Osuna, Fideles, Gai Barone, Undercatt, Colyn, and Lexer, amongst others.

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