Galantis, Lucas & Steve, and ILIRA are unveiling the official music video for their collaborative single ‘Alien‘ today, January 20 at 5 p.m. CET (11 a.m. EST). The video makes a bold statement about the importance of self expression, regardless of the constant influences to conform.

Ahead of the video’s premiere, Lucas & Steve will be hosting a live Q&A, where fans can ask about the creative process behind the release.

“[‘Alien’] is pretty much how I’ve felt my whole life, having multiple ethnic backgrounds and never really fitting into society, always being ‘the other one’. ‘Alien’ is the perfect metaphor and painting of my ‘homeless’ soul. We made it sound funny but barely anyone realizes the pain behind it. It’s great to wrap sadness into bubble gum and fun. You learn to take things with humor.” – ILIRA

Alien’ is a dance-pop crossover with vocals by ILIRA that were first dipped in space, then sent to the moon by a captivating rave melody. Galantis and Lucas & Steve deliver the surefire hit that fans would expect from a collaborative project, garnished by ILIRA’s shimmering vocals and polished by years of collective sound design experience. The result is an action packed ride from another dimension —definitely a sonic trip worth taking.