Florian Picasso has released his brand new EP, Héritage, on STMPD RCRDS today. Introducing the EP with a collaboration with label boss Martin Garrix’s alias GRX a couple of weeks ago, the EP can now be listened to in its entirety. 

The EP, consisting of three tracks, takes the listener on a journey. While ‘Far Away’ and ‘YUME’ were already shared with the world a couple of weeks ago, the closing track ‘Make It Home’ is the icing on the cake that completes the storyline of ‘Héritage’. 

Picasso decided to craft a project that pays homage to his late great grandfather Pablo Picasso through an exciting piece of music and images. Mixing art and music, all three tracks are accompanied by a cinematic music video that each have their own storyline. One returning factor in the music videos is an artist who appears at a certain point. 

The three different artists participating in the project are Demit, Jack Mernin and Paul Bashour. Each of them created an art piece inspired by one of Pablo Picasso’s iconic pieces and the accompanying EP track. The three paintings will be auctioned for charity in the near future. 

Florian Picasso: ‘’This EP marks a new chapter in my musical quest. I am writing my own history and following Pablo Picasso’s legacy. Once you crack the code on how to blend different forms of art, the possibilities become endless.’’ 

Connecting his family’s legacy to his own musical journey, Florian Picasso is expanding his story and Héritage is just the beginning.

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