Brazilian producer ML Muzix recently released “Every Night”, a very interesting hybrid between deep house, chill out and electronic , genre wise.

The track features a wide range of warm and gentle plucks, guitars, layered and pads perfect for the ambient chilling vibes that are emerging from the song. Everything was created to send the listener into a dreamy and relaxing state, something sublime, out of this world.

The transitions between breakdowns and drops are seamless and the whole track has a very smooth and constant energy to it. One of the most beautiful parts from this song comes from the main melody, which sounds a bit aggressive, but just enough to stand out from the sea of warm sounds that are emerging from the background.

Overall “Every Night” comes as refreshing mix of genres, with beautiful melodies and uplifting vibes. ML Muzix managed to create his own sound signature, which is quite difficult these days, showcasing his massive talent. Listen it bellow and let us know what you think !