Following a catalogue of huge releases together over the past few years – from Illusion and Chemicals to Float Alone and Hold Me – hotly-tipped Swiss producer Hartness now makes his eagerly-anticipated return to EDX’s Sirup music imprint, as he unveils his latest majestic musical masterpiece, You Are Mine.

Out now, You Are Mine is the latest instalment in a slew of remarkable releases from the abounding Swiss talent over the past twelve months, who nowteams up with wife and production partner Miss Ghyss and vocalist Jetason for a brand new record, primed for the summer festival season.

An emotive, upbeat cut, brimming with uplifting energy and atmospheric main stage flair across its three-minute duration, the new single is everything we could have hoped for and more from the in-form production duo, who deliver epic melodies, progressive rhythms and cheering synths, beneath Jetason’s euphoric male topline lead. We caught up with Hartness from his home in Switzerland to find out more.

Hi Loic, how are you today?

Hi, I am fine! Thanks. On holiday this week and we have finally good weather back! Perfect timing! 

Where are you answering this interview from?

I am coming from Switzerland! I am based between Lausanne and Fribourg!

What’s been your highlight of 2021 so far? 

I had two release until now, once signed under Gemstone records – “Hold Me” (Revealed / Hardwell pop label) and “Different” signed recently under Swiss label : Sirup Music! 

Can you tell us about yourself, your Hartness project and how you got into electronic music?

I am working in Music industry since more than 10 years now.  I am sound engineer, graduated from SAE Institute. I was DJ when I was 15. I started music production at 24. I am 35 now! Hartness project was a new turn into my musical project. Kind of reborn and reset of what I was doing before. 

Can you describe your approach to art and being an artist?

I am producing what I like, sharing my passion of music through my projects! 

When did you start producing  – and what or who were your early passions and influences?

I start producing 10 years ago, I always listen music since my early age. I was organizing party with friends when I was teenager. I think these friends was my most important influences! 

What do you personally consider to be the incisive moments in your artistic career?

The moment when everything is aligned, there is a lot of effort that are done on background that nobody see – every time somebody is interested into my music is a win (small success) for me!  

Tell us about your new single ‘You Are Mine’ on Sirup Music.

We started this project exactly 1 year ago, it was the first track started into our new musical direction. It is a mix between techno and progressive house. Especially the extended version who has the second part of the drop techno oriented.

How did you connect with the Sirup team? Have you released with them before?

We are working closely with Sirup team since last year (Chemicals release) ! However we used to know each other since a while! 

Do you have any plans to tour this year?

At the moment, I only focus on production and co-production. No tour plan yet! 

Finally, what comes next for Hartness?

Many more track to come mixed with family life 😉