After the slammin’ success of ‘Arabian Nights’, Dutch supremos Bassjackers follow up, hot on the heels and with MAKJ in town, as the guys get ready to make y’all ‘Scream It’ with the Summer getting in full flow! With heavyweight releases and remixes for the likes of Armada and Def Jam, MAKJ continually pushes a pumelling sound, as the collective partnership now ups the ante with a fierce, energetic release.  

Bubbling electro synths ease in the tension, before an anthemic male vocal takes over; “We are all soldiers on the frontline/ dancing together, this is our time” salutes the messenger. Teasing the tension with a sing-a-long worthy breakdown and enlisting in rising beats, before a white-knuckle ride of big-room energy takes over, ‘Scream It’ is an anthem of epic proportions. Riding a crashing wave of punchy drum pads that ebb and flow, followed by an eruption on the senses and a melody that will undeniably linger on, make sure you get your hands on Bassjackers & MAKJ’s ‘Scream It’, out this August only on Smash The House