Wisco is an American Producer | DJ whose identity is unknown. The professional elegance associated with the anonymous identity rejects the celebration of self-image, creating a spotlight on the music and the way it makes you feel when you’re engaged with the sounds of tomorrow. Who is Wisco? The world may never know, but those who listen and follow will experience the birth of a timeless identity & music.

His latest release comes in the shape of a dark and mysterious techno/electronic hybrid called “Nighthawk”. This tune is an excellent mixture of organic atmosphere with electronic beats and unique dark synth vibes. The track is given additional depth with the addition of arpeggios and synth lines in the main section before descending once more into a more minimalist beat, focusing mainly on the drum work part and bassline.

“Nighthawk” is all about it’s unique atmosphere and evolving soundscapes, creating an original sound experience for every listener. The transitions are well executed and the whole tune feels fresh and cohesive overall, which further helps reinforce it’s unique atmosphere. Play it bellow and let us know what you think.