Once of the biggest beach festivals in Europe, Neversea, based in Constanta, Romania, was cancelled again for it’s 2021 edition, after numerous delays. Bellow you can read the official announcement from the organizers:

” From sunrise to sundown, we miss you so much!

With this in our mind, we’d like you to know we really did try everything in our power (and a few things beyond) in order to bring you to the Island of Dreams, an oasis of freedom and music, a surreal escape. Due to the extremely short time for organizing the festival in the current pandemic regulations, we had to make the most difficult decision ever. After a careful review of our options, some of which included moving NEVERSEA in the fall, we decided not to make anyone compromise on their experience – the audience, the crew nor the artists.

NEVERSEA, the biggest beach festival in Europe, is born out of love for summer, sun and the freedom to run barefoot to meet your dreams. In other words, as summer is our only true option, the alternative we are left with is to postpone NEVERSEA for the summer of 2022. We’ll be back next year with more energy than ever, incredible experiences and a line-up that will have you dancing off everything you couldn’t shout for these two years.

In the meantime, although we can’t possibly hope to replace NEVERSEA and everything it means to each and every one of us, we are waiting for you all summer long at Neversea Beach. Please, keep an eye on your mailbox, as all ticket holders will be notified about their options via email. Furthermore, because we value your loyalty and know how much you cherish memorable festival experiences, the same email will provide you with alternatives to still dance together this year.

Thank you for your love!
We can’t wait to sea you again on The Island of Dreams”