A grooving slice of pure house joy, ‘La Libertad’ provides an infectious driving energy with its encapsulating vocals and eventual piano stabs and melody. Isabelle Horen (a.k.a B’Elle) is always influenced by the vibe and atmosphere of the white isle (Ibiza) every time she creates a track.

As a resident and having spent several years there, Isabelle is no stranger to the night life, often DJing at various venues spreading positivity and good feeling to all that are fortunate enough to see her play.

‘La Libertad’ translates as ‘Freedom’, a theme which can be interpreted in many ways. B’Elle’s take on it is that everyone should have the right to dance and be happy, and with her music she strives to give everybody that euphoric feeling when they hear it. ‘La Libertad’ does not disappoint and is without doubt a track destined for the sets of DJ’s around the world.

About the record B’Elle stated “My love, My Music, My Freedom – vive la libertad!”

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