It’s always a pleasure to review a tune that sounds totally different than most tracks released these days, because it shows that somewhere, there are still producers that have the ambition and courage to try new approaches and discover new styles.

This is also the case with HOS5 recent techno hybrid called “Open 91”. The track has a dark, mysterious and aggressive vibe, but somewhere along the way, on the break part, it’s pulsating with beautiful melodic synth melodies, that feel like some rays of light in a dark and massive void.

The structure of the track makes “Open 91” flow quite nicely from start till the end, giving the listener the chance to dance, when the powerful groove perfectly combined with the raw bass line are kicking in, but also to take a dreamy break, being surrounded by superb arpeggios and layered pads. Overall, this is quite a unique tune that I strongly suggest you give at least one play below:

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