Right out of the ‘21 gate Markus Schulz serves a track that connects the dangerously catchy with the message-meaningful. Carrying off this nexus of contrast required a highly skilled touch and there are few more song-skilful than the Concrete Angel herself, Christina Novelli.

On his Extended Mix Markus goes straight for the airwave jugular, expanding and elaborating every aspect of a track that’s become a sing-a-long Achilles to his Global DJ Broadcast’s listenership.

Inspired by his current album tour, Markus’s new Escape Mix of ‘Not Afraid’ isn’t afraid to inhabit the more atmospheric end of the trance space. Bass pulse charges its intro, before – break-side – he swings the spot onto Christina’s song, finally allowing its ether to lift through its final-act synth waves. That provides the perfect baton-pass to Romanian neophyte The WLT, who rules the release’s 138 roost. ‘Not Afraid To Fall’s most floor-sighted version, he lets the bass race, the chords tremor and the synth guns blaze.

The uplifting shot-in-the-arm we’re all after this season (well one of them, anyway!), ‘Not Afraid To Fall’s out now and available to stream/buy here (https://markusschulz.complete.me/notafraid).  

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