Canadian producer Rolls Rollin delivers a thrilling tune with his latest melbourne bounce bomb entitled “Ripe Hype”, released on Rollin Royalty Records! Rolls Rollin has melted brains and dropped jaws in 2020. His unique brand of relentless, high-energy dance music has won him a legion of fans, and the respect of some of the scene’s biggest players. He is fast becoming known for the way he blends aspects of bass house, hard dance and old-school rave into an intoxicating, rocket-fueled brew.

Featuring a fresh structure and atmospheric melodies paired with a great melbourne bounce energy on the drops, this one is definitely not a track to dismiss. The transitions are surprising and well executed, adding depth and cohesion to the track and the choice of synths is excellent, featuring a soft bell lead sound on the breakdowns and a heavier festival synth on the drop parts.

Definitely a tune you don’t want to miss out on, so go check it out now and download your own copy or just add it to your Spotify personal playlist!