A purveyor of the electronic arts, Ferry Corsten is bringing fans closer to the experience with the announcement of his new digital show – CHRONOS. A series of three events will take fans on an electrifying trip through time and sound exploring his past, present and future. This kaleidoscopic journey will enable participants on this cerebral ride to explore, relive and celebrate the career of one of dance music’s pioneers in a way never before seen or shared. 

Ferry and his team, in partnership with virtual venue Looped, built CHRONOS to allow fans to delve deep into the world of Ferry Corsten and gift them the freedom to choose their own perspective on how his world blends with theirs, how fans of his music interpret the soundscapes that he has crafted for their own partying and listening pleasure. Throughout the run of events, taking place 30th October,4th December and 31st December on Looped, viewers will be able to pick their own adventure and tailor a unique setting to their preference.

Following the initial show, which will see Ferry delve through his immense collection, 4th December heralds Ferry Corsten’s birthday, as he shares his celebrations with fans through the second event. The final show, taking place on New Year’s Eve, will span 24 live stream sets across 24 time zones, allowing viewers the opportunity to watch NYE on their time, ushering in 2021 with the perfect New Year’s Eve experience.

2020 has provided Ferry with a brief moment of introspection, a time to reflect and maximise on the extended studio time he has had available to him. This extended production interval has manifested in a thrilling output of new music and experimentation. Long has Ferry’s approach to his music seen him manage the ability to strike a balance between his trance roots, whilst absorbing modern influences and an ever-evolving palette that has continually shaped his sound. Whilst allowing himself to remain true to himself and his fan base. What CHRONOS offers is a journey and celebration, together with Ferry, into that evolution. With touring mainly on pause, CHRONOS provides Ferry with the long-overdue opportunity to connect with his fans once again via his favourite means, performance, and highlight the fruits of his recent work with a nod to the sounds that forged the artist that is Ferry Corsten.