Hazel is a 22-year old vocalist, recording artist and songwriter from Oslo, Norway. Her love of music started at an early age. After learning how to play piano and guitar on her own with the help of her stepfather, she soon began to sing and write songs.

Hazel just released a few days ago “Find You”, a future house beauty of a track. With dynamic and punching lead lines, completed by great vocal lines and lyrics, warm layered synths and dreamy pads, this tune sounds ready to be warm up our hearts!

Technically, the attention to details is just amazing, everything is perfectly placed in the right place, the buildups are doing their job creating the required energy, just to be unleashed on the drop part. On the break part, the harmonic layered synth theme is just amazing and it creates a good balance with the main vocal lines. This song might very well get you addicted , that’s how good it is ! Check it out below and let us know if you like it as we do !