I just love when young and talented producers are breaking the genres barriers to test out and play with new sounds and ideas. This is how new genres are created, this is how InVR did with his brand new release “Future”. This massive tune features super-heavy dub elements, combined with dubstep raw and mean leads and ambient pads on the break part.

It’s like InVR decided one day to create an unique sound that can deliver a powerful message, a really accurate one to be honest:

“Future” is an attempt to imagine a soundtrack to the world where huge corporations rule and people have to depend on technologies changing their way of life. The world where people who fought for the environment had lost long time ago. The world where a pallid sunlight does not shine through the thick smog. The world where going to the countryside means finding yourself in a scorched depleted wasteland. – InVR said.

Overall “Future” sounds like a very good and unique production, this is why i strongly suggest to play it below and tell us what you think in a comment.