1. As two legends of the House scene, how do you feel your style and sound as Chocolate Puma has changed over the years? 

We feel our sound always changes and evolves. There’s obviously a big difference between the stuff we released on Defected back in the day and for example Scrub The Ground. However we feel you can always recognize our records when you hear them

2. How do you see Dance and House as genres evolving in the future?

That is an impossible question to answer. At the same time that is very exciting because no one knows.

3. Can you tell us the driving forces behind ‘Rebels On The Run’?

Those amazing Outkast horns obviously. And the way Grace Tither took it to another level with her vocal parts

4. ‘Rebels On The Run’ pays homage to OutKast’s SpottieOttieDopaliscious’, what was it about this track that spoke to you?

We have very fond memories of that track, and we played Outkast’s albums all the time. It was tricky to use such an iconic track, but we love the melody, and the way they played the horns is so amazing. It’s sounds lazy and exciting at the same time, if that makes any sense haha.

5. The graphics for lyric video were awesome. What was the inspiration there?

Marc Sokpolie is the man behind the amazing artwork, he’s been working with us for years now. When we have a new record coming up that needs new artwork we always meet with him and have brainstorm sessions. All three of us have a love for vintage cars, architecture, design, cool old movies and you name it, and Marc always knows how to translate it into amazing art. In this case it was his version of Bonnie & Clyde.

6. Can you tell us more about how your collaboration with Grace Tithers came about?

We joined the Spinnin’ writing camp last year and Grace, Will Matta (who co-wrote the song) and us were literally put together in a studio. We didn’t know each other, it was the first time we met but it was such a pleasurable and creative day.

7. Have you spent a lot of time in the studio during lockdown? 

We did spent some time in the studio, but we also took the time to spend more time with our family and loved ones.

8. What do you have in store release wise and are there any other exciting projects on the horizon? 

We have a new release on our label Tonco Tone coming up, it’s a new track with our longtime collaborator Colonel Red.

9. Finally, do you have a quick message to your fans?

We miss you and we hope our music somewhat helps you going through these weird times.