TraXnCtrl and The Uncle Eearl will take you into a vintage dance story with “Somebody” !


With it’s smooth and catchy vocals by The Uncle Earl and the mesmerizing energetic progressive house infused drops, “Somebody” is the perfect example of a track which mixes together classic vintage house vibes and modern dance sounds to create a real dancefloor anthem. The transitions between drops and verses are smooth and the whole track has a great energy to it thanks to the excellent use of basslines and percussion. The whole track has a fresh summery atmosphere attached to it and it feels very cohesive overall, making it enjoyable from start to finish to any listener.

“This song was very easy to compose but actually it wrote its self. When I received the track from Damien, I was captivated by the tonal quality, energy and structure. It was crying out to be an Anthem. My process is to find my quiet zone, put on my headphones and put the track on loop until the instruments start speaking to my subconscious mind. I never sit down to write a song. I allow the sound waves to guide me. I am a Native New Yorker from Brooklyn now living in Queens. I grew up in a melting pot, so I was taught to get along with everyone. Little did I know that everyone was not taught the same way. Racial tension is a part of the American Fabric. Navigating this terrain can be treacherous. At a young age, I learned that I have to super focused on my dreams, career and speak up for myself, even when it will wasn’t the popular thing to do. I said all that to say, these lyrics began to flow from a Lifetime of trials and tribulations. Given the current climate of race relations on a global scale, the song is definitely one for the masses. We need positivity, hope and good vibes through the message and the music. This song will fill you up with inspiration, aspirations and some GROOVY MAGIC!” – The Uncle Earl.

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Fitting both for radio play and festival mainstages around the world, we recommend you check out this bomb of a track right now!