Building on the success of both ‘Feel This Good’ & his quarantine DJ sets (Zoom Memes for Self Quaranteens) – which continue to attract large online audiences. It’s now the turn of Goldbrg’s latest studio output, ‘How To Dance’ – to take up centre stage.

With its infectious groove & catchy vocal hook – ‘How To Dance’ embodies much of Goldbrg’s increasingly trademark house sound.

Perfectly positioned for summer season,“How To Dance”will get you up and dancing, smiling care free with hands up high. The track flows perfectly from start till the end, with a solid drumwork and a powerful bass line. The vocal samples are creating a perfect balance, adding more color and musicality to house/tech house oriented instrumental part. Once again, Goldbrg is bringing his own house magical touch and the result is mesmerizing! Listen the track below: