Toma Hawk is known for his constant stream of extraordinary Techno tracks with some of his recent releases including ‘Velvet’ which has drummed up a whole lot of attention of the past month. With many more releases soon to be dropped, we caught up with Toma Hawk to find out some of his favourite things.

Favourite song?

Uff…. hard to say. I’m going to go for ‘Narayan’ by the absolutely legendary The Prodigy

Favourite food?

Italian taste or Barbeque food all day long!

Favourite TV-series?

The X-Files from the very beginning, it’s an unbeatable series.

Favourite film?

Lord of the Rings

Favourite producer?

These questions are becoming more and more difficult! I think that everyone has their strengths and I have respect for all producers so I’m staying diplomatic here!

Favourite label?

Lakota Records *Laughs*

Favourite club?

Oh wow, I have about 100 favourites…every club is special, and you have different experiences at different places so they’re impossible to compare.

Favourite gig you’ve played?

Same here! Every performance is unique, and it is incredibly difficult to say which one was the best.

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