Born and bred New Yorker, Jacob Colon has proved his unadulterated talents tome and time again with recent releases such as ‘Poetic Justice’ and ‘Work’. His discography speaks for itself as he has Billboard charting hits under his belt and a collaboration with the legendary Crystal Waters.

Jacob went from playing the piano in his local church choir to bringing down clubs all over the city. He draws from a range of influences he grew up listening to such as R&B, Latin, Gospel and Hip Hop and merges them into his own signature sound. You can find exclusive edits from Jacob in this mix along with some firm favorites from the likes of Sara Martin and Ben Gomori.


1.    Sun goes down (Jacob Colon edit)- Cassius 

2.    Lock the Doors (Bob Sinclair Remix)- Marshall Jefferson

3.    Las Valkirias- Sara Martin

4.    Pump it up (Jacob Colon edit)- Endor 

5.    Cat Caller- 84Bit, KPD, Ida Flo

6.    Harlem Groove- Lee Wilson, Alastair Lane

7.    Push Me (Nhan Solo Remix)- Superlover & Tom Evans

8.    Bonga Bonga (Afro Mix)- Peppe Citarella, Mijangos, Ernie Bacquer

9.    Picante- Ben Gomori

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