New Delhi artist Klipr embarked on his music career by teaching himself the art of producing and turned his passion into a reality. He constantly re-invents himself, exploring different genres and techniques. Klipr’s latest release is an astonishing 6-track EP full of groovy Tech tunes, which has been gaining rapid attention so we caught up with Klipr to find out more.

Hi Klipr, first and foremost how are you currently coping in lockdown?

It’s kind of been bittersweet during this lockdown. All the shows have been cancelled and everybody is at home but this has also given me time to finish up on a lot of good tracks that have been lying around me for a while.

What have you been doing to keep yourself busy?

As I mentioned above, I’ve been working on a lot of unfinished tracks which I feel are worth releasing.

Tell us about the overall vibe of the Lockdown EP?

With Lockdown EP I wanted to explore Tech-House vibe some more. All the tracks have a consistent but progressive vibe. Starting from ‘Johnny Relax’ to ‘Don’t Stop’ the sequential flow feels evolutionary overtime.

What was the inspiration?

The idea to experiment with my music, and creating different but consistent vibes was one of the main inspirations I had while producing Lockdown EP.

Do you have a favorite part/track on the EP?

It’ll be hard to name just one track, because ‘Johnny Relax, ‘Don’t Stop’ and ‘Love Of House’ have consistent vibes, and I like the full tracks for that reason. However ‘False Move’, ‘Don’t Tell Me’ and ‘All Night’ have also had a similar response from the audience so far.

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This sound differs to some of your previous releases, what was the reason for making a more House/Techy EP? Can we expect to hear more tracks like this?

Most of my previous releases have been more on the commercial side of music. With this EP I tried to create a different style to make my productions sound more dynamic. I’ve been experimenting with the goal of making the next releases better than the previous. My next release might be along the same lines or completely different but you will see a change in the style of production for sure.

What has the initial reaction been like?

The initial reaction to the EP has been good and I see that listeners have been reacting more to the content I’ve been pushing out, especially after this release.

What goals did you have in mind when you first sat down to create the EP?

I had no specific goals as such. I’ve always been a fan of tech music and working on these tracks has been a lot of fun. I just went with the flow and produced the whole EP as it is.

Who would you love to see support the EP?

Anybody who likes this EP and thinks that the tracks will sit well in their sets can support it! I feel these tracks can be played in lounges, clubs and even music festivals and even house parties.

Finally, where can people go to grab their copy?

The EP is available on all digital platforms, so people can grab their copy on Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music etc. 

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