The Vessbroz have been consistently climbing their way to the top with their back catalogue containing extensive top hits such as ‘Follow Me’, ‘Warriors Of The Night’ and ‘Walking In Grace. Armia and Arsham have gained support from the likes of Nicky Romer, Hardwell and Timmy Trumpet, we caught up with the brothers to find out how they’ve been getting during lockdown.

What are you missing the most whilst in quarantine?

Sex, hahaha joking or maybe not… we’re missing music, night life and cinema

Have you taken up any new hobbies?

Yeah, we started to take vocal classes and, we’ve been learning how to cook!

Have you undertaken any personal development?

We are having lessons with an English accent teacher to improve our accent. We also learn Dutch languages. We are taking meditation classes as well.

How do you think the current climate will have an effect on the music industry?

Oh, many things are going to change for sure. Now everyone is trying to do things online and many companies and artists who don’t have a good online presence before are now working on it. Its’ closed many doors but has also opened many other doors. We’ve also started to be more active on TikTok and produce more music.

Have you been working on any new music during this time?

Yes, we are coming out with a new sound as well as finishing all our old projects.

We are going to have new releases coming as well starting 3rd of June with a song called “Let Me In Tonight” releasing with Blancoynegro.

Have you had any food cravings from any of your favourite restaurants?

We usually don’t eat outside as we have really stick to our diet but we’ve missed having a tea or coffee in nice outdoor café

How have you been keeping in touch with people?

Through Skype, Zoom and WhatsApp. That is all we can do now, but still we should be so grateful to have internet. Just imagine for one second if there was no internet. Oh man I can’t even think about it.

Have you developed any new funny habits from being in quarantine?

Yes, we started to make funny TikTok videos and we are not bad! We already have a few videos that went viral and we really enjoy the time making those videos, it is like a break for us from making music.

Finally, what is the first thing you will do once the restrictions are lifted?

First, we are going to visit our family, then we are going to Cinema for sure and also, we are going to go to gym again!

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