Damian Force’s career as a DJ has spanned over the years from the age of just 12 years old, drawing inspiration from the likes of Depeche Mode and David Guetta along the way Damian has played some in the biggest clubs and festivals in the world. He has developed a signature style that always beings the house down so we had a chat with Damian to discuss life behind the decks.

What first attracted you to DJ’ing?

I’ve loved music and dancing from childhood. I always wanted to hear music on the dancefloor that matched with my style of music.

How did you learn to DJ?

I learnt how to mix professionally on vinyl through the DJ courses of one of the famous FM radio stations

How important do you think knowing how to produce is to a DJ’s career?

I think it’s very important, because at nowadays Dj is more than just a compiler of music, it’s a separate creative unit, but I know  a lot of Djs who has tight gig schedule without producers skills.

What’s been the funniest memory you have had DJ’ing?

Oh it’s good story but not about DJ equipment. It was after my performance at Berlin, Germany. I had back flight to Amsterdam from Schoenefeld airport at Berlin, it was early morning around 5 am. During passing of aviation control the border officer asked me to open my bag with Mac and Traktor panel, she viewed on it quite long time and after invited to small separate room full of laboratory equipment, test tubes and something else unknown to me. I asked what she is looking for and heard answer:” Explosive”. In her opinion, the Traktor panel looks extremely suspicious.

For few weeks traveling from Amsterdam Schiphol, again I passed the aviation control, border officer stops me again after checking the bag with my Traktor in it, I already expected the same procedure, but this time dialogue was amazing.


Why not Serato??

Me, not believing to my ears:



Why do you use Traktor? Why don’t you use Serato, it is more convenient than Traktor


Sorry, from where do you know, are you a DJ?


Yes, in my free time!

Everybody is a DJ in Amsterdam. Love this story!

What has been your favourite event to play at?

Anywhere I play! There are a lot of them, from large festivals with huge energy to small underground clubs with their own unique atmosphere

What tips do you have for beginners?

Hone your playing technique, look for exclusive content. Invest more in yourself, be where there are many DJs, and conferences such as ADE, IMS etc.

What do you love most about DJ’ing?

To share with my music and emotions of people on the dancefloor 

Tell us more about your Dome Show?

Dome Show is an amazing project, where music, technologies of virtual reality, visual 3D without glasses and classic show fillings are combined. The uniqueness of the show begins from the construction that is designed for event and ends with the visual for the show.

For example, one of the animated pictures that I came up with is are Indians riding flying tattooed sharks or underwater robot inside a flooded city. And all this happens inside the round dome construction of 25 meters diameter, it is equal to five-story building in height, considering that this is half of the sphere, the screen for visual is round convex ceiling in 25 meters diameter which surrounds you. When you look on such scales, you see video that is 3 dimensions resolution without glasses, you are immersed in what’s happening.

Where did the idea come from for the Dome Show?

A few years ago I visited exhibition of 3D arts. I just stepped into space of exhibition and the idea to combine music and 3D art and convert it to the show was born in my head.

Finally, do you have a mix that people can check out?

Yes, for sure.