Straight from Germany, we bring you today one of the most talented uprising producers, RMA. With multiple releases on record labels like Axtone, 2Dutch , Playbox, NoFace, Sirup Music and Ensis Records, RMA is always delivering top quality tunes.

His most recent release comes in the shape of an electro house dancefloor killer called “Hands up High”. Loaded with deep bass, upfront beats and a crazy , strange lead main melody on the drop, perfectly combined with heavy brass responses and mysterious vocals, this track delves into his darker side. The transitions are smooth, not giving the listener the impression the switch in power is too harsh or too sudden, also giving the track great cohesiveness that way, while on the break, the energy is slightly reduced, just to create a bigger impact when the second drop is coming.

Overall this is just another top notch production by RMA, which can be streamed below.