Sultry and slick, Dutch DJ/Producer Quintino hasn’t disappointed with his highly anticipated track ‘Get You Home’. A phenomenal talent in the club/house scene, Quintino’s impressive repertoire is multiplying. ‘Get You Home’ is a perfect encapsulation of the danger and heat of locking eyes with someone on the dancefloor. Effortless deep bass sounds burst into high energetic drops that are sure to make this release a banger. Out now on Spinnin’ Records

With massive main stage authority, ‘Get You Home’ has left us yearning for the day we can reunite in festival crowds. A sheer high energy, electronic masterpiece Quintino reminds us of his impeccable talent for creating a dance hit. Haunting electro chords build tension simultaneously with alluring vocal lines, to be broken by strong kicks. Be prepared to get caught up in this catchy rhythm.

“‘Get You Home’ is a perfect integration of one of my favourite R&B jams into my sets, a great combination where two worlds come together, bouncy beats with a sexy twist.” — Quintino explains

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