Mixmash Records Quarantine Series FINAL EPISODE! Apparel Design Contest !


Attention all graphic designers! The newest and latest episode of the Mixmash Records Quarantine Series is going live and this time we are giving a winner the chance to have their design sell as a limited edition Mixmash Records Printed Tee.

Mixmash Records invites graphic designers to design the print of a limited edition Mixmash Records T-shirt. The winner receives financial and social support, and will officially be produced and distributed as an exclusive merchandise item!

Since the beginning of the world-wide Corona crisis, Mixmash Records has set out to spread positivity in these challenging times. Tomorrow we launch our final episode (of four) of our Quarantine Creativity series, in which we support talented creatives who deserve some extra help. And this time, the turn is to graphic designers. 

Visual design has always been the ideal complement to music (and vice versa). Be it to support the release of a track through artwork or music video, the visuals of a live performance or the extension into merchandise. Visual design is an all important part of the communication of an artist’ or Music Label’s vision.

● Use the Mixmash Records M in the design. Feel free to adapt the logo and
incorporate this into your overall design The logo does not need to be the most
prevalent design element! You are entirely free to create something awesome.
● Maximum size: 40cm x 50cm
● Specify exact placement of the design on the T-shirt relative to the top, bottom and
side. Distance to any seam should be at least 5 cm.
● The graphic must be submitted in real size in Vector format
● The submission must be accompanied by a mock-up image. Find the templates for
the T-shirt in various colors here.
Once selected, you will receive a contract from Mixmash Records which will specify the
€300,- advance as well as 50% of all proceeds after recoupment of the advance.
Fans will be invited to pre-order the Printed Tee for a total of 72 hours through the Mixmash Records webshop. The T-shirt will be printed and sent within 14 days afterward.
Submit your graphic before June 5th through this link . Good luck!

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