Stadiumx announce the launch of their brand new in-house label Sub Religion Records, with the imprint’s debut single, the Sam Martin collaboration ‘Be Mine’.

A sumptuous, sweeping slice of pure Progressive House, ‘Be Mine’ has already reaped a swathe of A-list support from across the genre’s board. Martin’s effortless, silken vocal is the perfect foil for Dave and Sully’s anthemic production as they masterfully span across the bass to the treble, warm undertones running all the way up to delicate, ethereal piano arpeggios. Bar by bar the pair harness the increasing energy of percussion, synth and topline, bringing the growing swell of their elements to crescendo with spine-tingling efficiency.

With Sub Religion Records now affording Stadiumx the opportunity to further establish their own legacy of sound, fans can expect to hear a lot more from the pair over the coming months, including major collaborations with A-list names and some exciting fresh talent unearthed by Stadiumx, so stay tuned!