‘Indestructible’ in name and nature, with its Feb-released/Adina Butar-sung first single, Markus Schulz gave us a big open for his upcoming 2020 album. Now with spring in full swing, he’s primed a new precursor for it – and one that comparably resonates with ‘brighter days’ vibes.

‘Are You With Me’ introduces planet dance to an entity the Dutch music & festival scenes have been familiar with for time – the reflective songs & affecting tones of Daimy Lotus.

Lyrically ‘Are You With Me’ delivers something that’s half question and half statement – creatively echoing the complex & occasionally conflicting natures of a relationship. At its center though, the message is clear: exposing vulnerabilities in the pursuit of clarity is worth the emotional price. Daimy delivers her message with a burgeoning spirit that – come the end of the chorus – becomes absolute. Check out this new release from Markus below!