Revered French artist, AstroVoyager (real name Philippe Fagnoni) touches back down with his highly anticipated release – ‘We Can Change Our Way’. Channelling a deep fascination with the space & time continuum – his sound is heavily influenced by the electro explosion of the 80s. Continuing the theme on trend, he once again invites us aboard his spatiotemporal capsule on a journey – exploring the infinite soundscapes of his electro-symphonic music universe.

The track has a beautiful retro and old school vibe, coming mostly from the layered synths main melody, but also from the rhythmic part. Even it doesn’t really has the actual sound of 2020, AstroVoyager managed to imprint his own touch and talent creating an unique style with a personalized sound, that will make this track and other future productions to stand out as different high quality music materials. And to be honest, with a market overfilled by an enormous number of songs that sound almost the same, “We Can Change Our Way” comes in as a refreshing breath of air.

The EP also contains a sublime deep house remix by talented mexican producer Charlie Atom, which recently released numerous top notch releases.

Check out this EP below and if you like this refreshing sound, add it to your Spotify playlist now !