Filmed in the scenic surroundings of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, USA last September, Gabriel & Dresden present ‘Remedy: A Pilgrimage’, a four-part cinematic video set to music from Josh and Dave’s latest studio album, ‘Remedy’.

A collaborative project alongside their 650 Kickstarter backers who helped craft the project, ‘Remedy’ grows from the intimate stories of ’No One’s To Blame’ and ‘Remember’ to the invigorating, more dance floor orientated, moments ‘Coming On Strong’ and ’Something Bigger’. There’s a unity to the narrative as well, with Sub Teal (Brittany O’Neil) providing vocals across much of the journey, punctuated with the brooding sound of Jan Burton on ‘Keep On Holding’ and fellow Spokane native Centre on ‘Remember’.

You can see below the ‘Remedy: A Pilgrimage’ video!