The STMPD RCRDS family have decided to rally together to offer fans something really special during these difficult times. To spread acts of musical kindness around the world right now, they have decided to stage an online STMPD RCRDS Festival on Saturday March 28th, bringing you DJ sets from your favourite STMPD RCRDS artists and friends.

But this isn’t just any old live stream. This will be a 24-hour live stream, rolling constantly into peoples homes to keep them entertained whenever they tune in. The incredible array of artists include; Blinders, CMC$, Seth Hills, TV Noise, Florian Picasso, Silque and Justin Mylo amongst many other STMPD RCRDS’ artists.

The livestream will be available to view on YouTube and Twitch. Expect great music, surprises and a lot of fun. It’s part of the label’s commitment to keeping people entertained through this hard period across the world and they hope people feel the love and positivity flowing into their homes.

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