R3HAB returns to his signature club sound on his new release “Where You Wanna Be,” with Russian talent and TV personality Elena Temnikova. The new single is one of R3HAB’s first this year that can be classified as a real dancefloor-ready track, completed with bouncy melodies and a driving bassline that calls listeners to get moving. Brought to life by breathy, elegant vocals by Temnikova, the lyrics to “Where You Wanna Be” inspire a sense of adventure and spontaneity that will resonate with many of R3HAB’s adventurous fans, many of whom have traveled around the globe to see him perform. With warmer weather and festival season approaching, we can bet “Where You Wanna Be” will be a mainstay in the CYB3RPVNK shows this spring and summer.

You can check out the single below. You will love it!