Nitti Gritti and Wuki team up for a high-octane 4-track EP ‘Ro Sham Bo’. Igniting the EP with first track ‘The Greatest EDM Intro’, Nitti Gritti and Wuki sound off in a playful 42-second skit – a comedic parody of the best EDM campfire sing-along. This track serves as the perfect transition into the second single ‘We Don’t Stop’. Rhythmically textured with striking horn samples and wonky basslines, the track weaves bouncing drum patterns with anthemic trap beats to create the perfect multi-genre single. 

Next is ‘Swet’, a high-energy club tune consisting heavily of Wuki’s signature booty-breaks and luscious chord samples. Wrapping up the EP with ‘Ro Sham Bo’, the producers add a funky spin on a school-yard game favorite featuring poignant rave sirens, chopping bass and raunchy chord notes. 

‘Ro Sham Bo’ showcases Wuki and Nitti Gritti’s ability to effortlessly cross genres and the overall innovation in their sound designs. Creating the perfect collection of club-ready singles on this new EP, the powerhouse producers prove why they are the most versatile artists in the game.