Paola Peroni was born in Brescia in the middle 70s and her passion for music soon become a life goal. Her first big break came in 1991 when Genux club, the biggest club ever in northern Italy, gave her the opportunity to work the console and soon made her one of the resident DJs.

She performed under the aliases of DJ Miss Groovy, Miss Groovy, DJ Groovy, Bacon Popper, among others.

Her latest release with RAiK comes in the shape of an easy listening dance track called “Don’t You Know”. Combining retro elements with modern future house sounds, this track brings a lot of positivity and good mood to any listener. The vocals are on point, making the chorus quite catchy and stuck in your brain. Overall the instrumental sounds good balanced with a solid and predominant bass line and guitars, arpeggios and other melody themes smartly used to fill the non vocal parts. Check it out below and don’t hesitate to add it to your favorite playlist.