LVNDSCAPE starts the year fresh, as he teams up with singer/songwriter John Adams to reinvent the iconic Nelly Furtado single ‘I’m Like A Bird’. Twenty years after its original release, the record is back again as a unique, soaring pop tune you can lose yourself in.

Safe to say, this is the best of both worlds. ‘I’m Like A Bird’ is already known as one of the most uplifting pop gems from the zeroes. And now, LVNDSCAPE, renowned for blending gentle dance sounds with touching pop sentiments, reworks such a classic for an impressive 2020 version.

Working up tender guitar chords while connecting John Adams’ compelling vocals with touching rhythms and sparkling drop, it’s turned into a brand new tune of its own. The combination of its emotional, heartfelt vocals with its playful beats strikes a perfect balance, that perfectly underlines LVNDSCAPE’s unique production talent. Surely, by the sound of it, this could very well become an early 2020 radio favorite. You can check out the single below and let us know what you think!