Alan Walker, one of the most influential artists of his genre, launches the mobile experience ‘The Walker Excavations’. The campaign centers around an escape room-style platform, with five levels to be released in parts, parallel to his ongoing single- and video trilogy.

The storyline follows the narrative of the music video trilogy consisting of ‘On My Way’ and two upcoming singles. Fans will play as the character known from Alan’s videos simply as Walker #28300 and will have to search for clues to solve problems and advance through the different rooms.

The experience extends beyond the platform with the protagonist from the music videos interacting with the evil corporation Red Nexus through their various social media channels. Fans will also be able to interact with these channels, not only to find clues to advance through the rooms but to access exclusive content or discuss plot theories with other ‘Walkers’.

Enter the experience ‘The Walker Excavations’ here.

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