Deep Chills has returned to the release radar with his new track ‘Backfire’ out now via ATLAST. He joins forces with Not Famous for a tribute to his tropical pop and house roots. ‘Backfire’ follows the earlier release of ‘Run Free’ which amounted massive success across platforms including reaching 10 billion views on Tik Tok and 16 million streams on Spotify. ‘Backfire’ aims to provide more of a tropical-pop infused sound that Deep Chills has become known for. 

In collaboration with Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Not Famous, the track serves as a follow up to the skyrocketing success from ‘Run Free’. In an effort to listen to his fans’ desires, Deep Chills makes a comeback to his tropical pop infused sound with the upbeat and lively ‘Backfire’. Deep Chills lends a set of bubbly instrumentals which blend seamlessly with the vocal overlay provided by Not Famous. ‘Backfire’ is destined to provide a much needed dose of sunshine and exuberance during the long winter months. Check out the single below!

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