Upcoming Varien album ‘The Second Industrial Revolution’ has been hacked by fans ahead of its December 6th release. The hack surfaced on Varien’s Twitter feed earlier this week after fans noticed a picture featuring promo copies of the album lasered onto circular saws.

Several followers managed to successfully collate multiple images of the pixelated QR code into one full code, leading them to a file containing a press copy of the album and its accompanying manifesto.

The image of the circular saws was also included on an official album flyer posted online by Varien yesterday. Just hours later followers in Moscow, Hong Kong and Santiago, Chile printed and posted the flyers in what are currently some of the planet’s most contentious political hotspots.

The flyers were also posted in Belgrade, Amsterdam, Brunswick and Livingstone in New Jersey and Wolfsville, Nova Scotia. Unsurprisingly, the elusive US producer was unfazed by the hack and supported the spread of the flyers, praising both as indicative of the cyberpunk nature of the project. What do you think about this?