Swiss/South African Deep House Queen, Nora En Pure, graces the dance music world with her highly anticipated three-track ‘Homebound’ EP!

Embarking on a sonic journey across cinematic soundscapes, the EP’s title track ‘Homebound’ begins with synth swells and catchy piano chords that remain the backbone to across the duration of the track. Adding cello and analog synths, ‘Homebound’ radiates a flare of nostalgia, reminiscent of her home country South Africa. ‘Dry Sobbing’ switches up the mood by implementing a pumping bassline and funky synths, pairing them with euphoric strings and piano chords.

This groovy club-ready cut will set the tone in her upcoming live sets, as she takes the crowd to a deeper dimension. The closing track, ‘Epiphany’, starts subtly with birdsong and piano, but soon brings in swelling brass stabs and euphoric bass and synths. The song takes the EP to its natural conclusion, a synth and brass laden ensemble creating the perfect finale. Check out the EP below and let us know what you think!