Throughout their impressive music career, Sultan + Shepard have done pretty much everything there is to do. They scored a Grammy nomination on remix duty for a pop icon, conquered charts across the globe and racked up hits across the dance music spectrum in remarkably quick succession. One thing that’s been missing from that list is releasing a full-fledged artist album of their own, so they’ve just stepped up and are now preparing to unleash two instead. Their double debut album, consisting of ‘Echoes Of Life: Day’ and ‘Echoes Of Life: Night’, will drop on November 1 and November 8.

The first new single taken from the two parts of ‘Echoes Of Life’ is ‘All Of Your Weapons’, a crossover masterpiece looking to build out its club presence across the globe. From the strong beats to the alluring chord progression and Mougleta’s seductive vocals, this tune ticks all the right boxes for dance music fans worldwide. Check it out below and make sure to stay tuned for the release of Sultan + Shepard’s 2 albums!