Always one to illustrate the struggles of life with a silver lining, electronic music phenomenon ARTY is back with another masterpiece featuring singer-songwriter Cimo Fränkel, who co-wrote Cheat Codes and Kriss Kross Amsterdam’s ‘Sex’ (certified gold in the U.S. and over 650 million streams worldwide). An escape from reality for dance music fans worldwide that erupts into a blaze of progressive house, ‘Daydreams’ is like a ray of sunlight driving the darkness away.

As explained by ARTY himself – and reflected by the uplifting instrumental and strong lyrics – ‘Daydreams’ is about the inescapable hard times when we lose the desire to live and struggle to enjoy the little things that made us happy before. Then a person shows up in your life that changes everything, showing you the path you want, and that there’s still a light, so you should never stop dreaming. Check out the single below and let us know what you think!