Following this summer’s massive response to his Bangers[2].Zip EP on Deadbeats featuring the fan-favorite Subtronics collab, “Griztronics”, GRiZ has released his next dub-inspired EP, Bangers[3].Zip. With an upbeat electro-forward feel to it, the three-track collection includes “I Like That (feat. Kayla Jasmine)”, “supadulakulavibe”, and “Now Til Infinity.

Right out the gate, “I Like That” has listeners hooked with the synthy progressions and vocal prowess of Kayla Jasmine. It’s bass meets hip hop with a heavy dose of wobble and bounce, sure to be another festival favorite. Next comes the fun guitar-forward “supadupakulavibe” featuring GRiZ’s own anthemic pitch-shifted vocals belting “I feel alive and it’s alright.” The high-energy builds and springy drops are complemented by the pop-infused guitar chords from start to finish. Closing out the EP is the electro-swing-laden brassy tune, “Now Til Infinity.” Fusing fat vocal samples with slick quips from GRiZ, the vintage big band horns instantly create a feeling of nostalgia and a call to the dancefloor. Check out the EP below and let us know what you think!