Quickly following the release of A Side/B Side track “Petty”, Israeli-born producer Borgore continues the momentum towards his new album with hard-hitting dubstep track “Tetris” out now. Tetris marks the 4th release from Borgore’s forthcoming album “The Art of Gore”, which is set to debut on September 27th. 

Driven by a blend of dark synths and hip-hip induced beats, “Tetris” breathes life into the sub-genre of Dubstep with hints of Borgore’s signature ‘Gorestep’ sounds. Crooning lyrics full of lust and desire, Borgore does everything but hold back on this head banging single. Noted as one of the kingpins of Dubstep, Borgore proves he’s one of the genre’s most coveted producers with his new track “Tetris”. You can listen the new single from Borgore below!

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